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Well, of course, my baby daughter asks her father for help.

Lin Wanbai hesitated. It’s just that a friend of mine can’t always find a suitable job here. Are there any jobs there?
There seems to be a shortage of clerks in your brotherinlaw’s factory.
Before I finished, I saw Liu Mo leaning against the door and said, Who allowed you to talk?
Dad obviously got excited when he heard Liu Moyin. Did you let him answer the phone next to Olivia?
Lin Wanbai reluctantly called Dad
But in the end, I couldn’t beat my father and handed the phone to Liu Mo. My dad wants to talk to you.
Liu Mo low eyes looked at the mobile phone expression took the hello.
Lin Wanbai doesn’t know what his father told him. When he sees Liu Mo, he will always answer with a smile. Yes, I know, don’t worry. This is no problem. It’s just like an obedient soninlaw
Then there was a bunch of things that Lin Wanbai didn’t quite understand about the company. She said very seriously, professionally and carefully.
Finally, he hung up and resumed his usual cold appearance. As he walked to the office, he said, Your father said you had something to ask me, but he was embarrassed to say it.
Lin Wanbai frowned. Before his desk, he informed him that his father would definitely tell him about it. There is no nonsense from my father.
Liu Mo picked up the pen and looked at her face. The fivefinger print faded gradually, but there was still a clear long print. It should have been scratched when I hit her face just now. I wanted to say something about myself, like so my company just needs a few front desks.
Looking up at him, he is looking at the file in his hand and biting his lip. He just wants to beg him himself. He just wants to speak for himself.
Stubbornly looked at him but never spoke.
Liu Mo looked at her lip with a cold hum and was bitten red by herself. Lin Wanbai tempted, Is the salary at the front desk of our company that bs sighed Lin Wanbai or compromised? I have something to ask you. Then I took a deep breath and saw that he raised his eyebrows and looked at himself with interest. I want you to help my friend find a job.
Liu Mo asked, It’s the first time that she is willing to give up her child.
Lin Wanbai pursed her mouth and said nothing.
She had guessed that he would humiliate himself. Even if she had prepared herself early, she would still have a habitual pain when he did it again.
Seeing her like this, Liu Mo quipped, What else can you give up or what benefits can I get from helping you this time?
Staring at him, seeing his eyebrows raised, looking at himself with a confident look, I knew that I would beg him in the end.
I have nothing to give up, but what benefits do you want?
Seeing Lin Wanbai compromise and sarcastic smile opened his mind and opened the topic You came with Allen today
Yeah, he said he was on his way.
Liu Mo chuckled drop by
Lin Wanbai probably understood that he smiled and didn’t answer the words.
Hearing that he was very ugly, he sneered, If it were a man, you would go. Why are you so shameless?
When he heard this, he wanted to laugh. He always wanted to slander himself. He always felt that he was the kind of easy virtue woman. He felt that he had heard a big joke. Since he always thought so, he could think whatever he wanted. Anyway, it was futile to explain it again.
What he wants to hear is that he has always recognized the answer in his heart.
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
See Lin Wanbai a sneer, but unlike the former meeting, Liu Mo raised his eyebrows and said, Why don’t you talk is the default?
Turn your head to one side and see the sound of highrise buildings across 品茶 the window. It’s a little ethereal. Think whatever you want. You won’t believe me anyway.
Well, that’s true, but I still want to hear you defend yourself.
Lin Wanbai sneer at a turn back to the beginning of the topic you say what benefits will let Yin Bing come to the front desk
Liu Mo got up and took a look at her, then put his hands in his pockets and walked into her office. She knew what he wanted.
He want to be that last thing he want to do forever.
He knew he was afraid to resist, but he had to do it.
Holding back his anger, he saw him lying flat on the bed behind him and ordered, Come and massage me.
It seems that since that time, he has been in love with him and asked himself to massage him.
Lin Wanbai sat by the bed and pinched his thick shoulders, which was not very convenient. Liu Mo also felt sit by me
Lengleng still sat there.
When Liu Mo fell asleep, his hand strength became lighter and lighter, and then he wanted to get up from him.
I heard his voice a little lazy want to leave
Body zheng deeply spit out a sigh of reliefjust scared you sleep without me
Come and lie next to me.
Lin Wanbai came from him and sat beside him.
Liu Mo gave her a look, and her eyes were horizontal. I said it’s a bit of a favor to lie down and be so naughty.
Reluctantly lying next to him, Liu Mo stroked his cheek. Have you figured out any benefits for changing your friend’s job?
Lin Wanbai is lying straight. If she doesn’t talk and closes her eyes, she looks like a dead body.
When he touches his body, he can’t help but tense up.
Answer truthfully no

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Maybe Liu Wen can still make trouble for us? Jiang affectionately said incredulously, That’s really too arrogant!

She is not the kind of person who will make trouble with her eyes open, but the kind of person who will make trouble for you behind your back, so please be careful and don’t be calculated.
Yang Jiaojiao doesn’t want her friend to be calculated by a villain to leave the company, and she is very serious about telling Jiang Maimai.
Ginger is not the kind of person who doesn’t know the good heart. She thanked Yang Jiaojiao seriously when she faced her heart.
After Isabella and Lin Qiao had finished talking, they began to go shopping. Isabella asked Lin Qiao out tonight because she was going to close the painting industry again because of the day. When she had a new inspiration, she couldn’t delay.
Lin Qiao couldn’t help laughing after knowing Isabella’s mind. Look at how embarrassed you are now! I didn’t see my boyfriend when I painted the design draft!
Isabella looked at Lin Qiao and finished laughing before saying, It’s okay. Teachers and aunts are friends. Auntie often comes to see me with Xue Han. We get along very well.
When are you going to get married? Lin Qiao looked at Isabella and couldn’t help but say, Although the former one is a little hard to say, Xue Han is a good person!! Don’t you consider one?
Of course I did. I’m not the kind of person who doesn’t know his mind? Is now … or to say Isabella and Xue Han together after nature is to want to two people in the future life.
Lin Qiao saw her face struggling and couldn’t help but say, If you have any difficulties, just say so! We don’t care about you, my friend. You can’t hide it from yourself, you know?
Isabella smiled and shook her head and looked at Lin Qiao’s worried eyes and said, This time, you think too much. There is no trouble. Xue Jia’s recent mastery of Xue Jia is too busy. I want to wait for our two industries to get married, otherwise I am worried that Xue Han is too busy.
Lin Qiao nodded. Since it’s a boyfriend and girlfriend’s heart, there is no need to say anything more. It’s just fun.
Lin Qiao wanted to say goodbye after not reassuring these things, but Isabella suddenly said, When are you and Mu Chen engaged to get married now?
Real Muchen asked me this question is that I’m not ready to want it now … Here Lin Qiao was a little embarrassed but soon calmed down his shyness.
Anyway, maybe we can get married together by coincidence! Isabella looked at Lin Qiao and said, I’m looking forward to the wedding with you.
Lin Qiao couldn’t help laughing at this. Isabella froze as soon as she heard this. What’s the matter? Did I say something funny? How did you become like this?
Nothing feels like Isabella. Did you just talk like you were going to marry me? Lin Qiao smiled cunningly. Isabella thought for a moment. It was like this.
Time passed quickly, and it was time to go home. When I got home, Lin Qiao was surprised to see Muchen sitting on the sofa and waiting. Didn’t I tell you to come back later today? Why don’t you sleep so late?
I’m just worried about you. I just said, I forgot to tell the driver this afternoon and went to the door of your company.
Lin Qiao was stunned before he realized what this sentence meant. Did you see that scene?
Mu Chen nodded and looked at Lin Qiao very seriously. Do you want me to help you solve this matter?
Lin Qiao thought about it after hearing Muchen’约茶资源s suggestion. Forget it! I still have some things I want to solve by myself, and I’ll let you know if I need help.
Hearing this, Mu Chen was satisfied and said, If you have any problems in that company class, you can ask me or Xue Han for help.
Lin Qiao smiled and agreed to his superfluous words without saying a word.
Section 9
Lin Qiaolai can rely on Mu Chen to solve this trouble, but after careful thinking, she still gave up the idea and prepared to solve the trouble herself.
All this is because Isabella said just now that those things are really too dangerous, so we must make a good plan. How can we make Liu Wen unlucky, but there is nothing serious wrong with herself?
Thinking about this method soon arrived the next day. Lin Qiao woke up early and found that he still had no idea, so he could go to class first.
After coming to the company, Yang Jiaojiao went to Lin Qiao and said, I really didn’t know my mother would come yesterday. I’m so sorry.
Yang Jiaojiao knows that this matter has nothing to do with her, but the gesture should be done.
I wish Lin Qiao and Yang Jiaojiao had come, so she didn’t care about it and soon put it behind her.
Liu Wen’s eyes deepened when she saw this scene. Her own expression was not seen for a while, but she didn’t think it was her expression or being seen by Lin Qiao.
After seeing the biting in Liu Wen’s eyes, Lin Qiao became more alert in his heart.
It seems really troublesome for this woman to be so thoughtful!
But Lin Qiao soon had no time to worry about Liu Wen because Yang Ya began to die again.
At lunch, Lin Qiao didn’t mind what happened yesterday, and her colleagues didn’t have any opinions on Lin Qiao because of Yang Mu’s nonsense.
Why didn’t you see your luxury car pick you up yesterday? A colleague who is usually more agreeable to Lin Qiao suddenly came. When people around him heard this sentence, they immediately looked at Lin Qiao.
I wanted to go shopping with my girlfriend yesterday, so I didn’t ask him to pick me up. Lin Qiao doesn’t mind sharing such things with others. After all, it is not an important thing.
You and your boyfriend are really very loving! The colleague couldn’t help but say, My boyfriend won’t pick me up when he plays games at home all day! How annoying!
mine is not a boyfriend! Lin Qiao really saw the curious eyes of colleagues around him after this sentence came out.
Not a boyfriend? The colleague said in surprise, What is that identity?
I’m married! How could it be my boyfriend? That’s my husband! Lin Qiao’s face is sweet and his finger ring has said it all.
I didn’t expect it to be such an ending. Colleagues began to praise the love between the two, and Lin Qiao was lucky, but someone always wanted to show himself different at this time.
Who knows if I bought this ring myself? Yang Ya sat not far away with a look of everyone is drunk and I wake up alone, and the person who had dinner with her could not help but move her body.
I remember a story about Su Dongpo and a monk friend. Lin Qiao looked at Yang Ya with disdain and impatience, but directly fought back. After they meditated, they asked each other what they saw in each other. The monk said it was Buddha and Su Dongpo said it was feces. Finally, Su Xiaomei concluded that there was Buddha in a person’s heart and Buddha everywhere. One person could see feces. What do you say in her heart?
This story was told to Zaizai just two days ago, and Lin Qiao remembered it very clearly.
Yang Ya didn’t react at the moment after listening to it, but immediately after seeing the mocking eyes around her, she turned white. This is sarcasm.
Still dare to satirize me! See if I don’t give you a good look! Yang Ya said that he came to Lin Qiao’s desk and seemed to want to start work.
It’s also because Yang Ya was too arrogant these two days, but no one stopped her. Today, she directly confronted her hand.
But Lin Qiaogen is not afraid that she will directly get angry and pounce on Yang Ya’s face with the plate. As soon as the leftovers on the plate cover Yang Ya’s face.
You’d better stop! The irony in Lin Qiao’s tone is too obvious for Yang Ya to react at all.
I’m telling you that I won’t bother you today because I have something to go back to now. I’m not a troublemaker, but if you always provoke me, I’m willing to give you an unforgettable opportunity. You know what I mean?
Seeing Lin Qiao’s tough words, Yang Ya was directly afraid. After all, she still bullied the good and feared the evil. When Lin Qiao became angry, she dared not say anything.
Looking at Yang Ya nodded and wronged to change clothes, Lin Qiao sneered, but ignored her.
Lin Qiao began to work formally after Yang Ya temporarily died down, instead of handling some unimportant documents here.

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I don’t crush you by my own experience, but I hope you will make progress. Seeing that Qin Xiao and Jun Qian don’t look so good, Jun is crazy and arrogant. I am a little impatient and didn’t mean to be condescending.

He mistook the two people because of his unhappy attitude, so even in this tough place, he decided to lower his attitude without much hesitation. Who called them family and he was his eldest brother?
This is our white. Jun Qian nodded his head and motioned for you to be crazy. Not much to say.
He and Qin Xiao just regret that they were too conceited and ignored many important factors before and did not realize their serious defects; Junkuang can avoid talking about it and let them hit the wall, but he didn’t do it, which shows that he really cares about them.
It’s not a question of you. Qin Xiao pouted crossly. I feel that even if I have a realm, I may not be able to play any combat power. Fortunately, we entered the back, or we will go to college in this state, which is worse than losing.
Losing is just an opportunity to gain experience. You are crazy about this.
You don’t worry about your repair at all. Qin Xiao looks up at your madness. Although this kind of madness is strong enough, students can’t endure it just because they haven’t seen much. There are always some people who are not good at close combat. When you are crazy, you have been fleeing without playing. I’m afraid the delay is also bad for your madness
In particular, the college competition has always been decided by lottery.
If you decide to adopt the challenge mode in a few years, it will be equivalent to judging the comprehensive strength of the college by wheel warfare. In this team battle, you will encounter two or three opponents, and your patience will be very irritated.
Once a person is upset, he will lose his calm and wisdom. Even if he is crazy and resourceful, he can see through the truth at a glance in many cases, but it doesn’t mean that he is the kind of person who is completely humiliated.
On the contrary, it is easy to make concessions if she wants Qin Xiao and Jun Qian to show displeasure, but the bottom line of others’ madness is still unknown
That’s why it’s even more worrying
I still know how to repair it. Jun Kuang grinned proudly. Don’t look at me like this. I don’t like to fight unprepared. I keep things in this cave just in case we need them. We can quickly go to the deepest place and get it. Maybe we can show you a big show.
Drama Jun Qian and Qin Xiao asked with the same mouth.
You also know that the most impressive thing in the history of the Six Realms is not the follow-up of the origin of the ancestors of my family who died in the ancient years. You laughed hysterically. It is said that my master Yin Di is the reincarnation of the Emperor, and it is not a cave. I believe you will be white after reading it.
Secret stories and hexagrams have always been the most popular after a meal to talk about the history of the Emperor Yi and the Feather God Huang. Now there are not a hundred stories, but there are ten exaggerations. Some even say that they are deeply attached to each other. Because of different races, the God Huang will be angry and try to destroy the world, but they are blocked by the Emperor Yi. They love each other and kill each other.
Therefore, when it comes to the ruin of the Great Emperor and the God Burn, Qin Xiao’s eyes are shining.
You girl gave her a crazy look. There is so much dog blood in the world and paused. He added, It was just a story of paranoia, friendship and unrequited love. Because God used to shoulder the burden and never shared it, it finally created such a tragedy.
Jun crazy suddenly to god burn story Qin Xiao and Jun Qian glances seem to know fairly well.
You can’t hide deep in the abode of fairies and immortals, can you? Qin Xiao asked.
Yes, you nodded with relief, not stupid.
I heard that God burns blood and will take the initiative to look for his master. Anyone who burns blood has a responsibility. Qin Xiao thought for a while and said, You are Ren Huang, and you should naturally burn blood, but I don’t burn blood in vain. Shouldn’t it be integrated into the blood?
Burning blood contains fragments of the avenue, which is always something that can be met but not sought after, and will choose its own master. Even if the blood is deprived, the fragments of the avenue still remain in the host, that is, the host, and there is still the possibility of a comeback.
You have to go through a certain number of years, and it will fade back to Jun Kuang said. After hundreds of thousands of years, the blood has already left me and returned to the hotbed to sleep and nourish the fragments of the avenue, waiting for a host to appear.
Then you
As early as when I became emperor, I should have pulled out my own blood burn seal and didn’t let it return to the fantasy world. Jun Kuang said, At that time, I was only twenty-five years old and had no experience, and all kinds of dangerous blood burn were reserved to keep my body fragments.
So that’s it. Jun Qian seems to be a little white. You will experience a state degradation key moment when you practice martial arts, and you can burn your blood and wash your marrow to restore most of your practice.
Confucius can teach Jun laughed wildly. Let’s stop gossiping here. I’ll go into the 按摩 atrium with you but I won’t help. After a pause, he added, I entered because I know what can stop the atrium array from attacking.
During this period, Qin Xiao and Jun Qian also took Dan medicine.
Dan medicine melts at the entrance and flows along the esophagus, and soon it is warm and warm, and the feeling is full of limbs and bones, which consumes Xuanli and quickly recovers, and even the wounds are slowly healing.
Let’s go while the former state is still Jun Qian took the lead in holding out his hand to Qin Xiao.
You crazy but first step to hold people up, make you modest stretched out his hand and not shrink his hand, nor is it a little rest?
You want to hijack? Qin Xiao gouged out his one eye.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-seven Crisis-ridden
At the moment of entering the atrium, Jun Qian consciously increased his sense of crisis. He turned to Qin Xiao and asked, How many traps are there here?
Is the trap just a ban? Jun pointed to the wall. There are many formations here, most of which are nested with each other. He pointed to the ground. There are also many formations here that need to be careful most. The noodles are not safe. From time to time, something will fall and be smashed, and the consequences will be unimaginable. You will see it and it will be white.
You won’t let me finish this, will you? Jun Qian asked incredulously.
No, Jun nodded wildly. I won’t let you die in front of a small face.
Shit and this means that you can directly kill the little girl in front of her.
Jun Qian wrinkled his nose and said to Qin Xiao, Little sister stays behind and observes. I’ll go ahead and explore the way.
Be careful not to step on strange things is really a bit radical.
Don’t you get all the wonderful things? Jun Qian snorted and went back without hesitation.
When did I say that these plane things were designed by me? Junkuang shrugged his shoulders regretfully. This is a very representative area of a plane. My master Yin Di asked the owner’s permission before we could enter these places.
Fortunately, he didn’t make Qin Xiao’s eyes lit up with hope again.
These things are not designed by Jun Kuang, which means Jun Kuang is just borrowing wisdom from the past. Many of them rely on Yin Di’s human feelings. This abode of fairies and immortals is not as good as it is. It seems that it is not difficult to build an alternative abode of fairies and immortals.
Jun Kuang can see what the little girl is thinking at a glance. He smiles in her ear. The novel It’s really because I have made some contributions to the improvement of these places that my master can take this favor so easily.
Just lit a glimmer of hope. Qin Xiao has a faint expression.
If you study hard, your achievements may be much higher than mine in the future. Jun sighed wildly. You are younger than me, and there are still many times to accumulate experience. Unlike me, I have almost reached the personal peak, and it is very difficult to reach a higher level. According to my current progress rate, I’m afraid it won’t be many years before you can chase me.
Who wants to chase you? Qin Xiao is wrinkly to knit the wrinkled nose and spits out the tip of your tongue at you. It’s cute and cute.
That’s the end of the easy conversation. Just as they were talking, there was a slight noise in the atrium, and then the gold and iron collided, which sounded dangerous
Qin Xiao followed the sound source and found that Jun Qian was fighting with a dozen flying swords. Some of these flying swords are solid, while others melt smoke at the touch, just like the front swallow.
Segmented reading 196
Obviously, if we can’t judge which entities attack with the same strength, once the virtual entities confront each other, the center of gravity will easily shift due to excessive force, and the whole attack routine will be greatly reduced.
Jun Qian is such a situation now.
On the one hand, he tries to add some flexible changes to the same routine, and on the other hand, he is worried about whether the center of gravity will be unstable due to strength problems
Why don’t you use the Xuanli? Jun boasted. Since you can’t master the strength well, it’s either light to be bounced by the entity or heavy to cut the virtual image, so why don’t you use Xuanli to attack?
Jun Qian ruthlessly grinds his teeth and squeezes out a few words through his teeth. What should I do after I drop all the Xuanli now? I can’t be driven by endless Xuanli in the early stage of root pruning.
That’s right. Jun Kuang thought it over carefully. But you can’t control one force to attack two or three targets at a time. After a pause, he added, I didn’t ask you to fight back one by one. You need to choose a good angle and bounce off.
Bounce off, bounce off, Jun Qian mused in his heart that he would bounce off the attack and talk about Yi.
Don’t take your time, Jun said crazily. If you think Xuanli consumes too much, you should take some Dan medicine to supplement it. Don’t give up your life and money.
You give me closed Jun Qian frowned bitterly and turned to look at Jun Kuang How much Dan medicine have I taken and you will supply me later
If you have a life, come back and get it. Jun laughed wildly.
This laugh is so lame that even Qin Xiao wants to punch him hard.
Be careful and take your time, said Jun Kuang. It is important to control Xuanli. It is best if you can exercise it carefully.

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Spirit, what is this?

Master, you are not strong enough to support the gushing power of the light gate.
Li Ling’s eyes sparkled with complex colors. He didn’t expect the power of the light door to be so terrible. How powerful it would be if I opened these light doors.
A halfopen light door has such a terrible power. It would be a god if all the light doors were opened.
The human body has a big universe.
This sentence is really not a hole to the wind.
Cough cough
Feng Ling’s eyes sparkled with shock. Looking at the dull expression, Li Ling’s heart was shocked. It was so terrible that he felt that even his master, Wu Shen, could not resist.
Of course, Fengling believes that Wu Shen, the capital near Wusheng Mountain, still has the ability to avoid that shot.
Well, listening to Fengling’s cough, Li Ling suddenly looked up and immediately glanced at his right arm’s heart and said, Redeem Tianxue Yiqi Dan.
The host consumes 3 Wan Ku points for Tianxue Yiqi Dan
Tianxue Yiqi Dan Li Ling felt that he had just consumed blood gas and was constantly replenished, and his right hand gradually returned to normal, but it was still difficult to force it as if his right arm did not belong to him.
Who the hell are you? Feng Ling’s eyes wandered with complex colors and stared at Li Ling.
Want you to tube Li Ling took a white look at Fengling’s heart and was surprised that the whole chest was broken and still alive.
Ignore Ling Li Ling, who can’t afford to fall on the ground, take a deep breath and walk towards the iron door.
Wait Li Ling expression slightly changed and took out a piece of life metal.
After waiting for more than ten seconds, the piece of life metal is no different.
No way
Li Ling’s expression is stiff. If the iron gate touches Li Zhenlong, then this life metal will definitely melt, but now this life metal root shows no signs of melting.
Isn’t this the uncle? Li Ling’s eyes flashed with a doubt. It may be that the life breath of the uncle has changed for some reasons.
Wu Shen, the capital, got such a dangerous tunnel and let his second brother sit in the middle of Li Ling. I don’t believe it’s not Li Zhenlong inside.
With a complicated mood, Li Ling walked step by step to the front of the iron gate and spit out a foul breath. His left hand slowly buckled the iron gate.
This door can’t be opened
Fengling struggled to get up, but unfortunately, his injury was so serious that it was a miracle that he could survive. It was impossible to stop Li Ling again.
I have to open it.
Li Ling’s eyes are full of complicated colors, and his left hand is fierce
Great power will forcefully break the whole iron gate from the mountain.
Behind this door, it was dark as if Li Ling’s eyelids were looking up at the scene inside, and I couldn’t help but look at a stiff expression. What the hell is this?
Li Ling stayed.
It was amazing. He didn’t expect that he had gone through all the trouble to open this iron door, but it wasn’t Li Zhenlong inside.
This is what’s going on? Li Ling’s face turned to look down with consternation.
Chapter 29 My name is Zhou Chongen
Li Ling felt that his brain was a little short. He never thought that this welldefended and dangerous tunnel was actually holding a new child.
Behind the iron gate, a child who looks at most seven years old is wearing a white gown and sitting on a stone bed with his legs dangling and his big 夜网论坛 eyes flowing with curiosity.
The boy’s face is white, which may be because he has not been exposed to the sun all the year round. There is no blood color. His lips are thin and his mouth is slightly upturned. The cherry mouth is absolutely appropriate. The facial features are evenly distributed, and he is not very handsome but has an aura.
Wu Shen, the capital city, got such a secret tunnel that it is too bullshit to bet on a child. Li Ling’s mouth twitched and stared at the ground before Fengling strode, picking up his neck.
Fengling’s chest was penetrated by the Brahma Dragon Gun, but there was no blood spilling, and a bitter fleabane bitter fleabane constantly splashed Mars.
Who the hell is this fucking kid?
Li Ling feels that this matter is not so simple that it can make the capital Wu Shen so arrogant and the identity of this child here is bound to be unusual.
I don’t know. The wind is getting weaker and weaker, and the eyelids are heavy, looking at the iron gate children.
The child winked and smiled at Fengling with an evil smile on his mouth, as if to laugh at him.
I don’t know if you think I will believe it? Li Ling’s eyes flashed coldly.
I really don’t know. Feng Ling’s eyes rolled with fear. Looking at the child jumping from the stone bed, his voice trembled. No, you can’t let him out.
Don’t let him out, please tell me who he is first. Li Ling turned to look at the child who was about to step out of the iron gate, and there was a cold light in his eyes. Kid, if you dare to come out, I’ll break your leg.
Although I don’t know who the child is, Li Ling also has a sense of foreboding.
I really don’t know who he is. The master asked me to guard this place for ten years and told me that there was a scourge around here.
Ten years, you’re kidding me. Looking at a child, it’s only nine years old. How can you be detained for ten years?
I don’t need to lie to you. Fengling’s breath is getting weaker and weaker, and his eyes are gradually getting holes. The voice is slight. Never let him leave.
With a faint smile on his face, the child shrugged his shoulders after hearing Li Ling’s threat and looked socalled door edge.
Looking at the child’s behavior, Li Ling always feels that he is not like a sevenyearold child but like an old fox in his 40 s and 50 s
Backhand threw Fengling out. Li Ling went to the front of the child and frowned and said, Who are you and what will be here?
The child’s mouth turned up, his eyes flashed with contempt, and the corner of his eye swept away and the wind slowly spoke.
The child’s voice is very cold, as if it were from the cold winter and the wind was chilling.
My name is Zhou Chongen.
The child’s face was stunned and wait for a while looked at Li Ling. You hit me.
Mother, if you are Zhou Chongen, I will be a saint. Li Ling’s face is bold and cold. Kid, who are you? If you tell me the truth, I’ll get you out.

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Well, we should go, too. Gu Xiao Milla got up and Wang Yali said with a smile.

Let Haochen send you has been silent Zhang Ting suddenly said.
No, we can just take a taxi ourselves, said Gu Xiaomi, dragging up the box at the foot.
Let me see you off. If my brother knows that I let you take a taxi and leave, he will definitely not let me go. Even if you help me, let me see you off. Wei Haochen made a plea.
Well, then, Gu Xiaomi gently nodded his head.
Give me the luggage Wei Haochen took the suitcase in Gu Xiaomi’s hand.
Miss Gu, you can’t leave. Lao Wang looked at Gu Xiaomi at the door and said.
Chapter one hundred and fifty Past smoke ()
Lao Wang, why are you here? Wei Haochen looked surprised at the door at the moment and Lao Wang said.
Lao Wang is motionless and silent at the door.
Lao Wang, get out of the way, Wei Haochen frowned and folded.
Lao Wang is still in the same place and has no intention of leaving.
Lao Wang, what do you really want to do? Wei Haochen put his luggage and walked angrily to Lao Wang.
Are you going to rebel? Don’t you listen to me? Wei Haochen stared at Lao Wang’s eyes and said.
Dare not Lao Wang bowed his head and dared not look into Wei Haochen’s eyes.
Did my mother let you do this? Wei Haochen said, narrowing her eyes
My mother already knows, doesn’t she? On what Wei Haochen said, Pharaoh didn’t answer.
Hang it all! Wei Haochen turned his head angrily and picked up the box at his 夜生活网 feet.
I’m going out this door today. I don’t think you dare stop me, Wei Haochen said with a rare temper.
Don’t make it difficult for me, young master, Lao Wang finally said.
Well, it’s not hard for you to finally speak. That is to say, my mother asked you to do this, isn’t it? Wei Haochen cocked his head and looked at Lao Wang jokingly.
Well, since that’s the case, then we have to go all the more, Lao Wang. I know that if you want to stop me, I can’t go away. After all, I can’t beat you, but if you still treat me as a young master, let us go out. Wei Haochen began to discuss with Lao Wang in a soft voice.
Don’t be hard on me, young master. I can’t fight with you even if I grow a nerve. Lao Wang said with his hands.
Well, then let me go. Wei Haochen actually sprinkled jiao.
Young master is really no good, Lao Wang said stubbornly.
Why don’t you let us go? What’s the advantage of not letting us go? You know this is a crime. You are illegally imprisoned, Wei Haochen shouted angrily.
Who says this is illegal imprisonment? Jiyun has reached the gate and is looking at Gu Xiaomi with disdain at the moment.
Mom, how did you come back? Wei Haochen saw Jiyun immediately, and the momentum was as docile as a kitten.
This is my home. I can’t come back. Besides, if I don’t come back, I don’t know that someone has come to our home. Jiyun sneered and approached Gu Xiaomi step by step
Mom, it’s not like this. Listen to me and explain to you. Wei Haochen stepped across to Gu Xiaomi and tried to resist Jiyun for her.
Don’t explain, I have already seen it. Didn’t you just say that I didn’t leave her here? You are wrong. I have good reasons not to let her leave. Jiyun smiled at Xiaomi.
Despite Xiaomi’s lack of confidence, strong personality makes her bow in front of Jiyun.
Mom, what are you trying to say? Why don’t you let Sister Xiaomi leave? Wei Haochen said in a hurry.
What Xiaomi elder sister? I now suspect that these two people are thieves. They sneaked into our house while we were not at home. The box must be stolen goods. Jiyun pointed to Gu Xiaomi’s suitcase and said with his head held high.
Mom, stop that now. You know it’s not like this. Wei Haochen Jiyun’s novel said.
I’m not kidding. I’m going to open the box now to see if there’s anything in our house. If I don’t open it, I’m going to call the police, said Jiyun, squinting.
Mom looked so unreasonable Jiyun Wei Haochen nai said.
Haochen forget it. Since Chairman Ji is curious about what’s in my box, I’ll open it and show it to her. Gu Xiaomi gave Jiyun a stubborn stare and then squatted and opened his box.
Chairman Ji, please have a look and see if there is any baby in your home. Gu Xiaomi put the suitcase open and then got up and held her shoulders and said to Jiyun.
Since Gu Xiaomi said so, I’m welcome. Jiyun said and made an expression of eyes to Lao Wang. Lao Wang nodded and then squatted in front of the suitcase and rudely poured Gu Xiaomi’s luggage out from the inside.
Mom, you’ve gone too far. You just have to check and see. There’s no need to make it like this. Wei Haochen saw that Gu Xiaomi’s clothes were scattered all over the floor and could not help but care for Gu Xiaomi.
How can you see clearly if you don’t do this? Jiyun squatted down to pick a piece of millet clothes with his fingers, looked at it and then disdained to throw it to the ground.
Gu Xiaomi looked at Jiyun in every possible way, humiliated him, closed his eyes and exhaled hard. At the moment, she didn’t want to conflict with Jiyun here. After all, Wang Yali was still here, and she wanted to protect her mother.
Mom, have you had enough? Wei Xi came in panting.
This time, everyone is here, and things can be solved at once. Jiyun sneered at Wei Xi and said.
Mom, don’t you think it’s too much to treat Xiaomi like this? Wei Xi looked at Xiaomi’s clothes and couldn’t help but frown.
I don’t think I’m going too far. On the contrary, I think you’re going too far. You dare to take you home when I’m not at home. I don’t respect me like this. It’s only natural that I should do this now. You should have thought of this consequence when you bring her to this home. Ji Yun looked at Wei Xi contemptuously and said.
It’s my fault that I brought Xiaomi here without telling you, and it’s my fault that I insisted that she come here. If you want to blame me, Wei Xi said before Jiyun in anger.
You and I dare not do anything to you. I’ll finish this matter first. Let’s calculate this account later. Jiyun don’t look away from Wei Xi and continue to bend his head and rummage through Xiaomi’s luggage.
Jiyun picked up the lichens one by one and then threw them away. In an instant, almost everything in the suitcase had been rummaged through by Jiyun.
This just as Jiyun turned to the bottom, a photo fell out from the inside.
You, how did you get this photo? Jiyun picked up the photo from the ground and turned it over. After seeing the photo, he couldn’t help but look flustered and asked.
You don’t need to know this. Have you finished checking? Can we leave without your things? Gu Xiaomi took a white look at Jiyun and squatted down to put his things in the suitcase.
I asked you where this photo came from. Jiyun pulled up and squatted on Xiaomi and shouted.
I don’t need to tell you to give me back the photo. Gu Xiaomi’s wrist was scratched by Jiyun, so Gu Xiaomi was angry and wanted to take the photo back from Jiyun’s hand.

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Although the married girls, girls and children haven’t come back yet, everyone is still very happy with this meal.

After eating a meal for a whole hour, a bunch of women sat in the main room and chatted with fruit after eating.
Ni Yunxue is the due date these days, and everyone is most concerned about her. Cher, just be honest with my old house these two days, so that Renyi can accompany you. Everyone around you is busy and ignores that you have to start later, and there is no one around to accompany you.
My 养生会所 eldest sisterinlaw didn’t tell me that I would do the same thing. In recent days, many doctors said that the child was already in the basin and should be ready to start at any time. Probably because she was older, she was particularly tired in the third trimester, and she was lazy and didn’t want to move.
In the past two days, I’ve been at home with Sister Cher, but I’m not allowed to say that I’m lazy. Ni Yunxue is old and familiar with Li Huan for a long time. Because they usually compare and sometimes talk about her, although the second sisterinlaw has the shortest relationship with her fourth sisterinlaw, she has a feeling of being a latecomer.
Ni Yunxue knew that Li Huan had been away from this circle for too long. When she came back, she didn’t know how to fit into this circle for a while, so she would take the opportunity to hide from laziness. But she hoped that this second sisterinlaw could slowly integrate into this circle again. After all, there are still decades to come, and she can’t always hide at home.
I wish I had Renyi’s company. It’s a big nephew’s happy event. Second sisterinlaw can’t be lazy. Otherwise, we’ll be lazy when the second nephew gets married. Let you do all the work alone. What do you do?
It is clear to all that Ni Yunxue said this with the booing of Li Huan. How can she not be warm in her heart? If you need me to be your sisterinlaw, I will do your job carefully.
Although life in the past few decades has not been isolated from the world, Li Huan has long been bad at this kind of human relationship. Many people don’t recognize her. She feels that she can’t help much, and there are just a few small things to take care of her. Only then can she take care of her siblings.
Don’t worry, except for Cher’s special situation, I haven’t arranged for you guys. I’ll tell you about your respective responsibilities later.
I came to tease my niece and nephew and suddenly said, Do I have a big aunt?
Of course, you are our flower girl. Your eldest brother has prepared a beautiful princess dress for you. The day after tomorrow, you will wear it behind your sisterinlaw.
Your mind is a bit like Yaning’s. Both women don’t like to wear skirts. She really doesn’t like the complicated princess dress, but she is happy when her eldest brother gets married, but she ignores that she doesn’t like the dress. Then remember to prepare some beautiful flowers for me then.
This simple request SiWanLi nature is agreed.
Let’s talk about some trivial things. On the second day, Qin Weilan was in charge of entertaining these guests. Ouyang Xianqian and Li Huan, two inlaws and daughtersinlaw, went to the hotel to help see the layout of the wedding banquet and the preparations for the banquet. Of course, they also stopped by to see their relatives who had stayed at this hotel to attend the wedding banquet.
Section 956
The next day, the wedding was held as scheduled, and the scene was even grander than Yaning’s. The banquet was divided into two sessions, noon and evening, and there were 150 tables. The food was topnotch, so as to prevent anyone from taking the opportunity to bribe them, and all the gifts were confiscated.
After two wedding banquets, the routine is a group of them.
It was the same day that Heran invited everyone to the club.
Tonight, there are two more sisters, Gong Chen, Yu, Gu Jingshu and Si Major General, and two couples, Yu Yaning, who have just been pregnant and have been tired during the day, so they didn’t come over.
Apart from Yu Junyao’s two sisters, he is an acquaintance. At the beginning, Yu Junyao introduced two sisters, two sisters, Yu Junyi, twentyfive years old, and three sisters, Yu Junqiong, twentythree years old. Both sisters are very watery. Yu Junyi seems to be a frank person, and the third sister is gentle and virtuous. They are all good girls.
In addition to the two sisters Su Xuyang and Du Lingfeng, this room is full of people. In pairs, Su Xuyang and Du Lingfeng take the initiative to chat with these two girls. Although the age difference is ten years, there is no obstacle to communication. The four of them will soon play together.
Minister Yang is a frank person. Influenced by her, Su Xuyang also likes this kind of girl, because he is more congenial with Yu Junli.
Du Lingfeng has a loving mother and an overbearing father who likes girls, which is gentle and pleasant. Yu Junqiong’s personality comparison shows that he and I have a better chat.
Yu Junyao is also very happy to see that her two sisters will soon blend in with everyone. She didn’t want to interfere with Su Xuyang and Du Lingfeng.
For one thing, these two people are the Helang brothers, and for another, her sisters are transparent, not the kind of girls who can be abducted casually without knowing the world.
So their feelings Yu Jun Yao didn’t want to interfere in the past.
Seeing that the two little girls were entertained, they talked about each other separately.
Ouyang Xianqian looked at Gu Jingshu around her. When are you going to treat us to your wedding banquet? Today, Gu Jingshu grabbed the bouquet from the bride.
Gu Jingshu glanced at Gong Chenyu’s face full of bitterness. All my courage was lost before, but he was still not moved by me. I can do anything.
See two people together today Ouyang Qian also their good nearly just so ask.
Looking after Jing Shu now, she’s afraid she’s been stabbed in the heart.
She could see that Gong Chen Yu had feelings for Gu Jingshu. At the beginning, Gong Chen Yu was concerned about the contradiction between the two families and didn’t want to develop them with Gu Jingshu. Let’s just understand this problem, but after the family accident, he couldn’t understand why they didn’t get together.
So what’s your situation now?
A little closer than a friend is barely lover not full.
What did Chen Yu say?
He said he didn’t deserve me. I was suitable for a better man. I told him that men and women didn’t deserve each other. It’s a pity that he was indifferent …
It’s been nearly two years since the two men have been entangled in this way. Gu Jingshu asked herself that she has been trying to win this man for the past two years, but this man is at arm’s length, and she doesn’t know if she wants to stick to it again.
Do you think I love you very lowly?
From the first moment I saw Gu Jingshu Ouyang Xianqian, I liked her sex, which made her know that this woman is a family member or can’t help but have a lot of friends with her.
Gu Jingshu is very serious and charming at work. A woman who knows how to program is amazing in her eyes.
But at the moment, the woman is the same person, but it gives her a feeling of depression.
And the result is Gong Chenyu.
Ouyang Xian Qian lamented that love words really hurt people.
I can’t say this, but you’d better ask the reason why he doesn’t go with you. If the reason is solvable, then you can’t go together. You’d better stop worrying about yourself before it’s too late.
If it could be so easy to solve, I wouldn’t be like this. Many real feelings are not enough for humanity. It is Gu Jingshu who was really stimulated by this romantic and warm wedding today to feel depressed.
You have no idea how much I envy you and your husband.
Your love is not vigorous. People who don’t know the situation may think that you are no different from ordinary couples, but I know that your feelings for each other are not what ordinary people want. You can know what the other person needs and wants by moving your eyes.
This kind of tacit understanding can’t be practiced overnight, but you can have this kind of tacit understanding when you get along with each other very little. The only explanation is that you have the same mind, which should be the highest state of husband and wife.
I long for such love one day.
This is Ouyang Xianqian’s feelings with her husband have to be said to be quite in place after hearing such comments.
It’s been more than three years since they reunited, but when they were really together, it added up to less than half a year.
In less than half a year, they were glad to get to know each other.
Don’t show off in front of lovelorn people. Happiness is the most basic conscience of being a man.
Even if Gu Jingshu spoke to Ouyang Xianqian, she didn’t promise, There are Qian Qian kinds of love in the world, and my love with my husband belongs to a longrunning form. My big brother and Yaoyao love a little bit of extortion, and there must be love that belongs to you. Don’t think too much.
Maybe I just think too much to be so unpleasant.
Although Gu Jingshu has contacts with them, but they are not close, Ouyang Xianqian has a good friendship with her. It is their topic that two people say that others are grinding them around the bride and groom to drink.
At this time, she saw a pile of firstbase wine on the table, and she heard Heran shouting.
The wine pile is so Gao Qian that it will fall down.
Ha ha, Major General, this is called a stepbystep promotion, and you can see that I am holding it and it will not fall backwards! Du Lingfeng smirked way

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After leaving Korea, the Queen Mother Han Shan drove directly to Juxin Design Building without telling anyone.

After the car, he entered the building and took the stairs until the second floor.
When he got out of the ladder, he went in and said to the front desk, I’m here to see Gao Xiaoxiao.
Looking at the handsome man in front of me, the receptionist blushed and got a little nervous. She picked up the words and said, I’ll call her for you.
No, I’ll just go in and find her. Say that finish, Han Shan took a sip of his thin lips and lifted his feet and went in.
Maybe it’s because people are too good-looking and gentle and polite. By the time the receptionist reacts, Han’s figure has disappeared.
However, according to company regulations, visitors are generally not allowed to enter the office area privately … The receptionist looks sad.
Just when Jiang Chuhui, the head of the planning department, came over and looked at her, he asked, What’s the matter, Panpan?
Panpan told me what happened just now with a sad face.
Jiang Chuhui nodded and said, Don’t worry, I’ll help you go in and have a look.
Thank you, Sister Chuhui.
Han Shu walked into the office.
When he got to the office, because he didn’t know exactly where Gao Xiaoxiao was sitting, he picked the eyebrow aisle, where he swept away the height advantage.
Everyone in the office was busy, and no one noticed his arrival.
Until Jiang Chu Huiyin quiet office suddenly sounded This gentleman is not allowed to enter our company casually
After hearing this, Han Shu turned slightly and gave her a cold look. I’m here to see my wife, Gao Xiaoxiao. Do you know where she is sitting?
… Jiang Chuhui didn’t expect that it turned out to be such an outstanding man. The face was exquisite and perfect, and Shuang Yi’s movement was an expression full of elegance.
Her original white cheeks turned a little red, but she didn’t catch what he said. She stared at him blankly and couldn’t speak.
See this anthomaniac is silly leng looking at yourself don’t talk Han Shan fundus quickly across a trace of impatience.
Forget it. Find it yourself.
I searched the office and didn’t see Gao Xiaoxiao’s figure … I didn’t even see Chang Huanyan.
He frowned and was about to pick up the phone …
Han Shao? A gentle girl suddenly sounded. Song Qianqian got up from her seat with a smile and asked, You’re here to see Xiaoxiao, right?
Han Shu nodded indifferently and asked with a good temper, Do you know where she went?
She went out with Huanyan just now. Why don’t I call her and ask her to come back? Qian-qian song said and enthusiastically picked up the desk phone.
Han Shan picked an eyebrow and lifted her feet directly.
There are two places next to Song Qianqian. He took a look. One desktop is clean except for the brain, and there are not many personal things. The other desktop is full of pink fluffy toys and all kinds of collocation. It looks like a little girl is full of feelings.
He looked at Song Qianqian holding a mobile phone and asked, Is this my wife’s seat?
Qian-qian song slightly embarrassed nodded and said yes.
Because I guessed right, Han Yan hooked his thin lips and was very happy. I opened Gao Xiaoxiao’s swivel chair and sat down.
Song Qianqian’s mobile phone was connected at this moment. She took a look at it and sat there. There was something wrong. The man’s novel said, Xiaoxiao, when will you and Huanyan come back?
What’s wrong with our meeting in the cafe and going back after lunch? Is Liu Jingli here? Gao Xiaoxiao is having a meeting with Chang Huanyan in a cafe.
I can’t help it. I’m in a bad mental state. Anyway, I have to have a meeting to discuss that Liu Jingliu didn’t come here until noon, so I went to the cafe with Chang Huanyan.
Qian-qian song took another look at Han Shan and saw that he picked up the table cup and drank a mouthful of three drops of sweat from his forehead. Er, Han Shao came over and was sitting in your position at the moment! Why don’t you … come back first?
Gao Xiaoxiao ? !”
Gao Xiaoxiao wait for a while hung up and wondered if he was in a hurry for a meeting just now. It’s only been an hour. Why did you come to her company?
What’s the matter with raining son? Who is talking? Opposite often Huan Yan leisurely took a sip of coffee and asked
Song Qianqian just called and said that Han Shao has gone to our company. Gao Xiaoxiao frowned. He also said that he is waiting in my position now.
Tut tut, this is the rhythm that I can’t wait to tie your belt.
When Gao Xiaoxiao came over early, she could see that too much sex looked like it was …
Gao Xiaoxiao blushed in the novel and said, Don’t talk nonsense.
Section 26
Ha ha I don’t nonsense that we continue to have a meeting here? Let your Han Shao wait in the office? Chang Huan Yan looked at her in a narrow way.
… Gao Xiaoxiao nai got up and said, There should be nothing important for you to wait here and I’ll ask.
Well, I told you, it must be nothing important. It must be a private matter. Otherwise, why don’t you sit in your position instead of the general manager Huang’s office? Chang Huan Yan quipped again
Gao Xiaoxiao …
Gao Xiaoxiao hurried to the second floor. As soon as he entered the office, he saw a familiar figure sitting in a swivel chair that belonged to her.
Put her coat and coat on, with her head slightly lowered, holding her drinking cup in one hand and her notes in the other. She is there to inspect with the leader, and she seems to be quite relaxed.
None of my colleagues around me spoke, but when I saw her, my eyes immediately became rich.
She touched her face to lift her feet and walked over.
I feel that my walking voice is quite light, but it seems to be like a heart. Han Wei immediately turned the seat and looked up at her.
Bo Rui’s lips also outlined a faint smile, looked at her with gentle eyebrows and said, Come back?
He got up gracefully and tall, and his figure was surrounded by female colleagues. It was a little too conspicuous to stand in the office.
Gao 桑拿 Xiaoxiao blushed and crustily went over to him and asked him, How did you come here?
I suddenly miss you, so I just want to come and see you. Han Yan picked his eyebrows, and the sound was modest, which just made several female colleagues nearby hear it clearly.
Gao Xiaoxiao’s scalp is numb in an instant. Do you know that Han Shu likes sweet words but doesn’t show such open love?
She secretly looked around at her colleagues and said, I’m in class now. Isn’t your company busy?
Han Yan smiled and said, Busy but not as important as you.
Seeing that her little face was even redder because of this sentence, Han Shu’s smile suddenly deepened.
He just learned from JiLiangDong that the Attending to the city transaction didn’t resist picking up a cigarette and smoked one.
Then I drove to Juxin almost without thinking, wanting to see her and hug her.
In my heart, I thought so, and I did the same. I put my slender hands on her shoulders and took her to my arms.
He is extremely natural, intimate and ambiguous.
But Gao Xiaoxiao suddenly stare big eyes busy stretched out his hand and pulled his hand.

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Seeing this scene, Wu suddenly had a bad feeling in the mixed crowd. It’s a pity that I didn’t ask Vivian about the total amount of damage that this light shield can absorb just now, and I didn’t ask whether the light shield lasts and cools if it absorbs a lot of damage and lasts for a long time. If the cooling time is short, the battle here will easily turn into a protracted war. At that time, not only will the plan of killing Defense of the Ancients alone become an extravagant hope, but it will probably drag on for too long, and Lian Xun will not be able to maintain the guild residence in the first place!

This is the last thing he wants …
What kind of light shield is lying in the trough? It’s so fucking changeable!
The people who are attacking are also slightly stunned. Just now, that wave of attacks was almost completely absorbed by the light shield. You know, so many people add up to a few thousand total injuries. It is too strong for the light shield to be broken.
However, compared with Wu, they don’t have so many worries, and the subsequent output didn’t stop because of this. The second wave of skills soon followed, and this wave of damage is definitely less than the first wave. After all, many powerful skills have now entered the cooling period, and everyone can make him relatively weak, but even so, the total injury is still not underestimated.
Will the light shield break this time? Wu hurriedly looked at the past.
Countless skills covered the sky and roared towards Defense of the Ancients. The picture was shocking, but …
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
After this wave of damage, the light shield is still not broken, although the fluctuation becomes violent and darker than before!
Wu Xin sank again, and now he can’t expect to break the light shield and kill Defense of the Ancients first when he starts work, because it is absolutely impossible. He hopes that the light shield will cool long enough, which is his only chance.
In thinking, the third wave of attacks has swarmed. This time, when half of the damage was resisted, the light shield finally melted and the powder was scattered. The remaining half of the damage immediately reduced Defense of the Ancients’s blood volume by a small amount.
It’s a good thing that the resident order of the guild has a chance to keep the first kill and can barely give it a try. Wu finally breathed a sigh of relief
Defense of the Ancients seems to have 5 huge health points, but without the light shield to protect everyone, thousands of tons of injuries are also flying fast.
On the other hand, although Vivian’s health value is 1, her defense and resistance are much higher than Defense of the Ancients’s. In addition, many priests among the players are not stingy with Vivian’s neutral np, and they have sent her to the clinic. Up to now, Vivian is still full of blood.
Soon after disappearing from the light shield, nothing arrived for a minute. Defense of the Ancients’s health has dropped to ten thousand …
I can’t believe that you young people can push me to this point and prepare to bear the anger from hell!
When Defense of the Ancients growled, his skeleton horse seemed to feel the owner’s mood suddenly jump up and make a long scream.
Seeing this, Vivian immediately took a step back to avoid the trampling of horseshoes and shouted, This is a dead shot. Abaddon is going to fight to the death. All melee professions will quickly spread out and continue to attack!
Although most of the melee professions can’t touch Defense of the Ancients because of the large number of people, there are still many people who have been listening to Vivian waking up, combined with Defense of the Ancients’s performance and experience in killing boss. When the blood volume of many boss drops to a certain level, they will cast big moves. They are also very rational and quickly ignore Defense of the Ancients’s side, leaving Vivian alone.
Meanwhile, Wu has taken out the black cloth from his backpack …
After the roar, the red light in the eyes of Defense of the Ancients and his skeleton steeds became brighter than before, and the green light began to glow. The green light quickly changed from weak to strong, which was very strange.
For a second, Frostmourne in Defense of the Ancients’s hand waved like the wind and suddenly launched an attack on Vivian, which made people guard against David Tang and cut Vivian’s other.
A damage value floated out of Vivian’s head.
The damage has increased a lot! Someone exclaimed
The eye can see at a glance that this value is still not much, but compared with the previous one, the damage is more than one point, which is almost three times higher. If you cut the player’s body, you don’t know what the result is.
Then Vivian slowed down and waved a small sword, and she had to fight back in the future. The second knife had already followed, and it was another Tang Qiang to split Vivian’s arm. Her attack was forcibly interrupted
The attack speed has also increased a lot! Someone exclaimed again.
Before this, although it was also in a state of deceleration, Vivian, after all, had a high level 1 attribute, and the attack speed did not appear particularly slow, which still allowed her to maintain the balance of Defense of the Ancients’s one knife and one sword. But now Vivian has obviously regained her strength and can be passively beaten.
However, I don’t know where it came from before, and the strange damage continues at 5 o’clock every second. Otherwise, the hatred of remote professionals will soon surpass Vivian and lead to O.
But … if it’s just that, hatred is still Vivian. What does she want us to back off? Is there anything else in Defense of the Ancients that we don’t know has not been released?
Back off melee professionals are confused but dare not gather together again easily.
After another round of skill volley, Defense of the Ancients’s health has dropped to more than 6. At most, Defense of the Ancients will fall to the ground in two more rounds …
At this time, it was like receiving an order, and everyone suddenly stopped attacking at the same time.
Well, they did receive orders from the presidents. At the last minute, the guild intrigued and started again. Everyone knows whether the boss killing in the wild is the one who always hurts the most, but directly determines who belongs to the last killer, that is to say, who is lucky enough to hit the last one in Defense of the Ancients, then who is the first killer in Defense of the Ancients?
However, so many guilds have all contributed, and no one wants to give such an important first kill to others. It’s their luck that such a fair thing can’t happen, especially those guilds with strong strength. This is the result that they absolutely don’t want to see. After all, they have contributed more. It seems unfair for them to be so fair.
Besides, a few scattered players who didn’t know how to live or die were mixed in at the scene. At first, everyone watched them come in to have a look, and all the guilds pretended not to see them. But at this critical moment, it’s really a little hard for any scattered player to break out of luck and take away the first kill.
In the game of Yu Yu Guild, everyone has already reached an unwritten tacit understanding on what kind of conflicts occurred in the process of grabbing wild maps. If the boss wants to grab all the conflicts in this period, it will be over. No one will ever seek revenge for it, even if they really have revenge, they will have to hold their hearts. Otherwise, it will be endless. This theory of rules is good for both big and small guilds, and it is also recognized by everyone.
So the guild pulled away again, and everyone was careful to guard against it.
The presidents of various guilds made eye contact at the same time and issued an order Clear all the scattered players first!
Ordering a game immediately came one after another. Ah and Ah screamed. In front of many guilds, these scattered players were killed. Most of them had little experience in the game. Otherwise, an old game bird would never come to watch the excitement. Even if he really wanted to watch the excitement, he definitely joined the guild.
What are you doing? I’m just here to watch the fun. What are you going to do? Can’t I go now? A casual player named Rousongbao saw that someone was constantly pouring various skills in the vicinity, and his face turned white and he quickly cried.
Ha ha go? What did you do early? You can’t come now. Blame yourself for having no eyesight. Hey hey, all the guild members laughed, but it didn’t mean anything to stop.
I’m warning you, if you dare to kill me, I will definitely launch a casual player in the forum to beg you … Ah!
He has turned into a corpse before he finished speaking.
Of course, Wu, who has been mixing with the crowd just now, was soon discovered, but at the moment he has covered his face with black cloth again.
Someone immediately exclaimed, Black cloth! The masked men are here? !”
Some presidents looked up 养生会所 with the sound and immediately looked disdainful. Bullshit. The masked legion is … anyway, it’s impossible. Moreover, the masked legion is a red name. This is true or false. It is estimated that some scattered player is pretending to be a second anyway.
When I heard the president’s order, everyone had to start work, but I saw Wu suddenly disappear.
Sneak? They are all one leng.
Some presidents ordered, If you can’t run away, find me a scattered person and don’t stay!
Everyone was surrounded and searched for a long time, but they couldn’t find the masked man just now. At this time, someone suddenly pointed to Defense of the Ancients and shouted, Look at him!
They hurriedly looked back and saw the masked man next to Defense of the Ancients just now.
What does he want to do? They wondered.
Only to see the masked men suddenly seize the skeleton horse and jump on horseback, and Defense of the Ancients rode to the horse together and then hugged Defense of the Ancients’s waist …
Seeing this scene, a lyric You are the wind, I am the sand wrapped around the world … emerged in everyone’s mind at the same time.
Chapter one hundred and twentyfour Mixed men and women fly
… reminds me that a thousand words can’t keep a vast sea of people …
With the lyrics, the eternal classic melody is coming out in the summer of 20 years.
Accompanied by this eternal melody, everyone gawked at the same red light in their eyes and frosty sorrow in their hands. I didn’t know whether to go from Defense of the Ancients Wu’s side face to Defense of the Ancients vest and all kinds of amorous feelings. They were not shocked or ashamed to shoot.
Even some female players are full of rosy clouds, and their breathing has become urgent. Don’t doubt that they are definitely rotten women! ! !
I … am I dizzy? How can a player ride with boss? Someone struggled to close the bar and rubbed his eyes hard.
Everyone is also wait for a while nodded. Yes, what is this situation?
I can’t blame them for this reaction. After all, they are used to playing online games, boss and monsters. Everyone’s heart is really a model. Since it is a model, it is a simple individual who can’t do anything but attack or cast spells.
Moreover, even if this wonderful situation has never been exposed to interest games, it is unheard of and unseen. This has broken through all players’ understanding of the game, which can almost be called a complete storm of game posture for them.
However, Wu is not worried about this storm. He has tried posture before. This kind of thing can’t be owned by anyone except his armor master.
When all the people and Defense of the Ancients became speechless, Wu Shen had already ignited the same strange green flame. This flame hell was in the state of the Lord’s return to the dead, and the green light shone on his body and soon merged …
I’m going to this Nima … pants have been fit without taking off! ?” Another voice exclaimed out of tune.

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Instructors doubt whether the injected drugs have failed. A class of psychedelic drugs have not even lost this aphrodisiac drug to Lu Jiuzheng. Others may be short of breath, red face and red face, and the blood is boiling, but Lu Jiuzheng is always so calm until the end of the test.

Others went straight to the bathroom as soon as the test was over. Although they survived the test, the medicinal properties were actually injected into the body, especially the aphrodisiac drugs. They must go to the bathroom to solve the problem. Occasionally, although they were not so anxious, they could clearly see the changes in their legs.
Section 145
Liu Jiuzheng left the test room with his face still paralyzed and his pace never chaotic, which made the instructor once suspect that this was definitely a personality! Otherwise, how can a normal man be so calm! You know, they even played a Chinese film on the big screen after injecting Lu Jiuzheng with drugs.
At the beginning, Liu Jiuzheng did not change his face in the face of several tests, but at this time, Tao Mo made a slight mischief, which made Liu Jiuzheng somewhat uncontrollable. Especially at this time, Tao Mo actually bit Liu Jiuzheng’s neck teeth with a bad smile and rubbed his neck skin. Suddenly, Liu Jiuzheng was calm and confused.
Don’t make trouble! Liu Jiuzheng warned in a low voice that the warm touch of the neck felt like invisible feathers. At this moment, Liu Jiuzheng realized that his selfcontrol was not as good as he thought.
Uncle, I’m helping you train before, or then you run into a honey trap. Isn’t that a failure? Tao Mo smiled and hugged Liu Jiuzheng’s neck tightly. It was just a tooth bite, but it deliberately made the tip of the tongue lick Liu Jiuzheng’s neck
Tao Mo! The body suddenly tightened and Lu Jiuzheng’s Adam’s apple slipped for a few times. I was reluctant to scold Tao Mo’s noisy beating. I didn’t feel what it was called for the first time. I took two hoarse voices and said, Don’t mess around!
Well, I also know that the occasion is not right. Tao Mo is clever and nodded his head as quiet as a cat. Liu Jiuzheng’s shoulder whispering tone is slightly inaudible. Uncle, you want a generation to carry me like this.
Liu Jiuzheng’s black eyes sank and continued to walk. After a long time, he should have replied Well.
Feng Weiyao followed behind, although Liu Jiuzheng slowed down, but Huang Yuanyi was exhausted after all. At this time, watching her bite her teeth and trying to follow Feng Weiyao had to help people.
Go ahead and Liu Jiuzheng and Tao Mo don’t seem to say anything, but they seem to have an invisible barrier to isolate others, which makes Feng Weiyao feel sour.
From the very beginning, Feng Weiyao found that Tao Mo looked easy to get along with, and her personality was clever and peaceful, but it was an illusion. Tao Mogen didn’t get along with her hearttoheart. She was easygoing and concealed the coldness in her bones, but when she was with Liu Jiuzheng, Tao Mo was relieved.
Huang Yuanyi seems to suddenly find that there is something wrong with Feng Weiyao’s eyes looking at Tao Mo, and she is slightly surprised and asks, Feng Er Shao you?
Feng Weiyao suddenly turned his head to warn Huang Yuanyi, What are you trying to say?
Don’t get me wrong Huang Yuanyi smiled and looked at Liu Jiuzheng and Tao Mo in front of him. It’s more like love at first sight after a long time, although there are some, but after all, those people around you are afraid of being at home behind you. Miss Tao is not such a vain girl.
When I heard that Huang Yuanyi was helping me analyze Feng Weiyao, I immediately relieved my handsome face with a bit of eagerness. Where?
I don’t think you can be too hasty. At present, you can get along with Miss Tao’s friends and friends for a long time, and the feelings will naturally come out. Huang Yuanyi thought about listening to his words and Feng Weiyao smiled tacitly. I am also a girl. If you have anything, you can ask me.
Mountain road Liu Jiuzheng walked in front with Tao Mo on his back, and Feng Weiyao helped Huang Yuanyi to walk behind. The four people were quite harmonious, especially Huang Yuanyi said some tricks to pursue girls from time to time, which made Feng Weiyao’s best friends chase women. It was all direct money to hit.
Buying jewelry, sending designer clothes and shoes to highend restaurants and going abroad for a luxury tour can all be successful, but Feng Weiyao has always understood that relying on money to maintain his feelings is not worth having. Are there any local tyrants who want to pursue Tao Mo?
On the contrary, Huang Yuanyi said that she had nothing to do, sent a message on WeChat, and occasionally asked out to have a meal together or went to the apartment for a walk without stopping brushing. This is more like sending pottery foam jewelry. It is better to send some good ingredients, not only to rub a meal, but also to help bring each other closer. If you want to send it, you should send something that pottery foam needs, not those expensive gifts.
It was already dark on the mountain, but Feng Weiyao also listened to Huang Yuanyi’s suggestion. At this time, he quickly walked towards the black offroad vehicle and looked at the copilot’s seat. Tao Mo’s eyes swept her white feet. It was awkward to say, I booked a box for Dong Crystal for a while, so don’t cook. Let’s have dinner together?
Accustomed to Feng Weiyao’s strong and unreasonable side, I suddenly saw his earnest request for Tao Mo in such a tone. It was one leng, and Feng Weiyao was a friend. He asked him not to get along with Lu Jiuzheng Tao Mo naturally, instead of breaking up in three words.
I have asked Qu Wen to order first in the past. When we go back to take a shower, it’s just like this. Don’t give Tao Mo a chance to refuse to seal Weiyao’s speech and then return to Huang Yuanyi’s side. Her red sports car.
Qu Wen has passed Tao Mo’s natural method and refused Liu Jiuzheng. He also didn’t say what it was. He glanced at the front of the red sports car and walked to the driver’s seat. Huang Yuanyi then opened the door and pulled the car.
Black SUV leads the way, followed by Huang Yuanyi’s red sports car.
At this time, two cars with black license plates stopped at the roadside, and a driver dialed Xiao Fu’s words.
You mean the killer suddenly retreated from the mountain in March? Tao Mo and Lu Jiuzheng came back safely? On the other hand, Xiao Fu’s eyebrows couldn’t help but knit up. In the name of March, he didn’t miss the order when he asked for March
This time, Huang Yuanli found March to kill Tao Mo, while Xiao Fu sent Xiao’s elite to wait for Tao Mo to be seriously injured and die before taking Tao Mo away and forcing him to find out the formula of scald cream. When Tao Mo dies, it’s also bad for the family. It’s also Huang Yuanyi’s fault.
However, the Xiao family sent two elite teams, one with a farreaching telescope, and the other with a close observation. If the March killer started, the second team immediately rescued Tao Mo near the key, but because Tao Mo and Liu Jiuzheng discovered the enemy lurking in the dark in advance, two people moved quickly and shuttled through the jungle.
Xiao’s team is also an elite, but after all, it is much worse than Tao Mo and Lu Jiuzheng. The team responsible for investigating directly lost two people. Lin is too big and worried that Tao Mo, Lu Jiuzheng or the March killer will find the whereabouts of Xiao’s team and search it slowly.
In the end, Xiao’s team found that Tao Mo and Liu Jiuzheng and his party were in Anyushan. Xiao’s team was dumbfounded directly. Tao Mo was still alive. This said that March was a mistake, so Xiao wanted to rule out the serious injury of Tao Mo, and there was no way out.
Xiao’s second team immediately left the foot of the mountain and lurked halfway back to Sichuan and Chongqing, while Xiao’s first team was far behind them. What exactly should we do if we act now? We can ask the owner for instructions.
The formula of scald cream is too important for Xiao family, and Tao Mo intends to cooperate with Wu Laohe. If we don’t get the formula as soon as possible, Xiao Jiagen can’t make scald cream become a firstclass family in Beijing. Xiaofu’s face is gloomy. Everything was planned, but it happened that March failed.
Seek wealth and danger! Xiao Fu’s eyes were cold and said, Go directly and catch Tao Mo at all costs! With March in the forest, we will start work again at this time. Even if the investigation will find March, we will not think that Xiao’s family robbed Tao Mo halfway.
It’s the master! Xiao’s first team was ordered to immediately inform the second team to prepare for the ambush halfway, and the first team also accelerated its preparation and the second team to attack before and after, so it is necessary to take Tao Mo away.
The last light of the sunset is not wide. In the distance, two black cars with license plates used to drive normally, but when they saw the black offroad vehicle and the red sports car coming from afar, the two black cars suddenly accelerated and dashed past.
The road used to be two lanes. At this time, two black cars galloped side by side. Get out of the way. The offroad vehicle can avoid emergency braking and stop
Uncle? The killer in Tao Moyuan’s jungle has given in, but he didn’t expect to ambush halfway. Rush over?
Liu Jiuzheng took a glance at the coming red sports car. Liu Jiuzheng’s driving skills can definitely be driven out in two cars and collided, but Huang Yuanyi and Feng Weiyao can’t hide behind him.
Sit tight and hold on! Liu Jiuzheng sank his mouth and stepped on the gas pedal. The car suddenly accelerated towards the oncoming two black cars.
Feng Weiyao and Huang Yuanyi also found something wrong at this time. Huang Yuanyi quickly stepped on the brakes with a wrinkly eyebrows and watched the crazy posture of the offroad vehicle hit the past and couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.
damn it! Is the surname Lu crazy? Sealing but Yao suddenly stretched himself straight from the copilot position and looked at the scene of the upcoming crazy crash. Huang Yuanyi yelled at driving without looking back. Don’t stop! Drive past!
Huang Yuanyi frowned and thought that she could draw Feng Weiyao’s eyes and put the brakes on again. The red sports car also drove past again, but the speed was really slow.
The black SUV was even crazier, and the drivers of the two black cars were shocked for the first time. They were going to force the SUV to stop, but who knew that the other side was even crazier than them, and the three cars were about to hit each other headon, and the speed was so fast that the collision was definitely a car crash!
This moment is more crazy than who, who is more afraid of death than who! Two black car drivers slammed on the brakes at the last minute and quickly hit the steering wheel to avoid driving a highspeed offroad vehicle.
Looking at the danger of two cars, Liu Jiuzheng stepped out of the way and slammed on the brakes. The tire ground was violently rubbing against the offroad vehicle like a dragon wagging its tail, and the road quickly drew an arc.
Tai sui rou ganoderma lucidum! At the moment when he braked suddenly, Tao Mo suddenly remembered that he was holding the seat with his hands in his backpack, and then he picked up and put the seat backpack in front of him. Inertia Tao Mo suddenly fell forward and was instantly pulled back by Ann.
ah! Tao Mo’s body aches and shrinks. When she was fighting with a tall and thin man in the former jungle, her chest was injured by a fist. At this time, she was so strong that she felt pale and felt a bloody smell in her throat, but she was hurt and hurt.
Lu Jiuzheng didn’t expect Tao Mo to brake urgently, and she would let go and hug the backpack at the last minute. At this time, as soon as the car stopped, she immediately worried about looking at Tao Mo at her side.
Uncle, I’m fine. It’s a joy. Tao Mo smiled unawares and swallowed the scent of blood in his mouth again. Those enemies in the jungle are too strong to care about this minor injury at this time.
Lu Jiuzheng also knew that the situation was wrong. At the same time, his right hand had already grasped the pistol, and almost he was about to open the door. The elite of Xiao’s second team in the car immediately shot to prevent Tao Mo from driving away. Their first choice was to shoot through the tire.
Feng Weiyao and Huang Yuanyi were frightened by Zheng in the red sports car. Although they had seen danger, it was the first time they encountered such a dangerous gun battle. Because the target was Tao Mo and Liu Jiuzheng, Xiao’s second team directly looked at Feng Weiyao and Huang Yuanyi in the red sports car behind them.
Uncle seems to be not a predecessor! Through the car door, Tao Mo stopped the pistol in his hand from being accurately shot out. When he was in the jungle before, Tao Mo also shot and attacked the first enemy and was killed by Tao Mo’s bullet right between the eyebrows.
The second enemy was aware of the danger and avoided it. Unfortunately, Tao Mo had the spirit to avoid the second enemy and shot it. But when Tao Mo shot, he found that the enemy in front of him was much weaker than before, which could be regarded as the ordinary strong at most.
When Xiao’s first team came to support, Xiao’s second team had been shot dead, and a team of two cars ran into Tao Mo and Liu Jiuzheng crazily.
Not good! Feng Weiyao suddenly showed up at the beginning of the gun battle. Feng Weiyao knew that he couldn’t drive without a pistol. It would be a drag and a burden for him to go. Even if he had a gun, Feng Weiyao knew that he couldn’t fight these people with his gun skills from the shooting club.
The situation has become more and more favorable for Tao Mo and Liu Jiuzheng. Who knows that at this time, two black cars with license plates are coming from the rear. Like crazy beasts, they directly hit Tao Mo and Liu Jiuzheng.
Tao Mo’s body was on the spot, and a tumbling narrowly avoided the collision. The car quickly turned around and the pistol was aimed at the front without her knees and elbows bruised.
When the car crashed, it quickly turned around and collided with Tao Mo for the second time. At this time, Tao Mo had straight body, slender arms, straight eyes, calm and sharp spirit, attached to the bullet, and pulled the trigger with your fingers, and the bullet quickly shot out from the gun bore.
The driver of the car saw Tao Mo’s move, but he didn’t mean that the car was more than 100 meters away from Tao Mo, and the pistol had a range of 50 meters. In this case, Tao Mogen couldn’t shoot, but when Tao Mo wanted to fire the second shot, the car had already come, and Tao Mo would directly fly out.
However, this pistol was transformed from the front edge by Liu Jiuzheng, with a range of nearly 300 meters. After attaching the spirit, the ejection speed was faster and more accurate, and a shot hit the driver’s eyebrows.
Lost the driver’s control, the car was out of control, and the road was flying with Tao Mo. Once again, the people in the back seat reacted and immediately shot and continued shooting.
In another car, the driver found that the situation was wrong, but he was afraid to take another shot at Lu Jiuzheng, and he was about to escape. At this time, Feng Weiyao did not consider the danger. Hurry up!
Huang Yuanyi drove after it, but unfortunately the speed was slow. Many black cars have driven more than 200 meters, and they can’t chase after it again.
Forget it and you Feng Weiyao, although it’s a pity that the last car escaped, also knows that he is powerless. Although Huang Yuanyi is much better than the little delicate family daughter he used to know, after all, ordinary people and Tao Mogen can’t compare.
At this time, Feng Weiyao looked out through the windshield of the car. Tao Mo just had a gun battle, and Feng Weiyao’s eyes were fixed on Tao Mo. She looked at her calmly and shot everywhere. The enemy immediately fell to the ground and died

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When Muling returned to Longxi Villa at night, he found that Xia Han was not here tonight. His company came back late for something, but he didn’t see her in the room. He went upstairs to look for her and couldn’t find the whole villa.
Section 177
He was vaguely worried.
He woke up the servants and asked them that he didn’t see them.
He went back to his room to get the car keys and went out to look for them. He saw a note on his foot.
It says, I’ll wait for you here in room 3, and I’ll tell you all the truth!
He squinted coldly and felt uneasy.
Overtaking all the way quickly went to the address indicated in the note.
He kicked the door angrily and found the bed messy, Xia Han.
At that moment, he almost blushed.
She was lying naked in bed with messy hair and scratches all over her body.
I can hardly see the intact cheeks, but I’m covered with marks of being injured.
Men leave filth everywhere.
Those disgusting filth, he knows what it is!
Has he been bullied/violently?
He was stunned there, and he couldn’t see any light distance under his eyes.
He was cold, and he was …
He can’t imagine what kind of hardships she has just experienced, what terrible things she has experienced!
Heart trembling
He watched her approach with love, only to find that his steps were so heavy that he looked at her like a tin of lead, staring blankly at the ceiling and tears in his eyes almost broke his heart.
Looking at her like this, he is breathing suffering.
Damn it, who is it?
Actually spoil his cold son.
He walked past with trembling steps!
Hold her up and call her name cold son …
However, it is full of silence.
Cold son …
Han Er, I’m sorry I’m late! Mu ling Tian Shang tong opens his mouth
Looking at the tears in her eyes, Mu Lingtian clenched his fist.
Damn it, he won’t let this beast go!
He will make life worse than death if he hurts Han Er!
Xia Han painfully closed her eyes. What she just experienced was the most painful thing in her life!
I’m dirty …
Dirty …
Will Ling Tian still love her?
Why would you do this to her?
Ye Xihan what ah …
The president found out.
Miss Night stays in this hotel from nine o’clock.
Good night Xihan MuLingTian fist tight cu with bloodthirsty strength stung the desktop.
This woman is so vicious that he shouldn’t have bypassed her again and again. He should have been soft-hearted to her and hurt her. He will also let her taste being forced/violently!
If Han Er suffers, he will make it worse. Give her back!
Ye Xi has a big belly, and she will be able to give birth to a baby in a few months.
She was in a good mood after the delivery check-up in the hospital, and the baby was all healthy, which made her very happy. However, just after she left the hospital, she was suddenly picked up and carried the car by Mu Lingtian.
She was so frightened that it took a long time for her heart to return to normal. Just now, she was worried. The good child has been in her stomach for months and is very stable. Otherwise, if she was so frightened in the first few months of pregnancy, she would probably slip away.
But just now, she still felt a sudden stabbing pain in her lower abdomen.
I am glad that the baby is okay! Be a good baby and make sure this mother gives birth to you safely!